Hi I'm Leanne, Founder of
Organic Youth


Does your skin look old even if you aren't?

This was how I felt in my mid 30s. My skin was dull, uneven, my combination skin was difficult to manage, and fine lines seemed to be popping up out of nowhere!

But I wasn't ready for aesthetic procedures. So after a few years of research and testing, Organic Youth was launched in 2021 shortly after my 40th birthday.

Organic Youth skincare works to rejuvenate dull, tired skin. It works to even out skin tone, balance oily skin, and moisturise and nourish dry skin. Over time, fine lines appear less noticeable. 


P.S. Organic Youth skincare works even better in combination with facial massage!


I used to be an oncology nurse and 5% of all annual profit will always go to Cancer Research UK (see our pledge below).


I've got two teenage daughters, a husky, and I love animals and trashy TV programmes, but I hate coffee.


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