Hi I'm Leanne, founder of Organic Youth

Organic Youth was born out of a desire to start taking better care of my skin in my mid-thirties, when those first signs of ageing were creeping in. Being an ex-nurse I thought about training to administer Botox and fillers, but I wasn’t ready to go down that route. I wanted to find more natural ways of improving my skin. After a few years of learning and researching, Organic Youth’s products were finally launched in 2021 shortly after my 40th birthday.  

As an ex-oncology nurse, I hate the term “anti-ageing”. There is nothing wrong with getting older. I do not describe my skincare as “anti-ageing”, I call it Youth Boosting! Organic Youth skincare will make you look and feel great, putting a spring in your step and a glint in your eye!

However nursing will always be in my heart, and my pledge is to protect – my customers, animals, the environment, and the wider community. As part of my pledge to protect the wider community, 5% of all annual profit will forever go to Cancer Research UK. You can learn more about the Organic Youth pledge by hitting the button below.

At home, I'm mum to two daughters, and trashy TV programmes and true crime documentaries are my guilty pleasure!