2022 - The Year For Skinvestment

Have you heard of the term “skinvestment”? Okay, so it might not technically be in the dictionary, but it’s hear to stay! A hybrid of the words “skin” and “investment”, it means the action of investing time, money, and/or effort to achieve your skin goals.

With 2022 feeling like the year we are all going to conquer the world, we need to look our best doing it right?!? Then there’s no time like the present for some serious skinvestment.

But don’t worry, your post-Christmas bank balance doesn’t have to take a battering either. I’m going to show you some relatively low cost and free ways you can “skinvest” in yourself this year. Ready to glow…?

Investing Time and Effort

We all have 24 hours in a day. So why is it that some people achieve so much more in theirs? The truth is, they make things a priority and find time for it. If you care enough about something, you will make time for it.

In skin terms - how can you expect to glow if you simply wash and go? Your skin is your largest organ in your body, and to get the best out of it you should give it proper care and attention. Protect it, nourish it, nuture it, and show it some love. Spend time on your skincare routine, consider how you apply your products, and in what order they go.

But skinvestment doesn’t have to all be about your skincare regime either. Think about skincare in a broader sense. Lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on the condition of our skin. Making time to de-stress, eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water, exercising, cutting out alcohol and cigarettes will all positively impact the condition of the skin.

Why not try adding some of these practices into your day and see the benefits in your own skin...

Facial Massage

Facial massage is by far one of the easiest and most effective ways of rejuvenating the skin, and it can even be done for free (except a bit of oil is required to lubricate the skin and prevent damage). Facial massage encourages blood flow to the skin, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the skin’s cells. It can help to tone muscles in the face, giving the skin a more supportive structure to sit on top of. And it also helps to improve lymphatic drainage in the face and neck, encouraging the removal of fluid and toxins. The result – toned skin and facial features, with a bright complexion. What’s not to love? Facial massage can be done with the fingers or with a facial tool that glides over the skin, such as a face roller or gua sha board. You can incorporate facial massage into your routine on a daily basis, from as little as a few minutes a day during the application of your skincare products. Or a couple of times a week you could perform a facial massage routine as part of a self-care ritual.

Face Masks

Taking some time-out with a face mask will have a direct positive impact on the condition of your skin, through exposure to the nourishing, conditioning, and hydrating ingredients of the mask. But the “taking time out” bit will also have an indirect positive impact on the condition of your skin by helping you to de-stress, and reducing your cortisol levels (see “meditation” below). Masking choices seem endless these days, there are rinse-off masks, peel-off masks, sheet masks, clay masks, and they can address a variety of specific issues such as dehydrated skin or congested skin. But did you know that the contents of your kitchen cupboards and fridge can also be used for a DIY mask makeover? Ingredients such as honey and natural yoghurt are fantastic There will be another blog on this coming soon!


Chronic stress puts you at risk of many health conditions and can also directly affect your skin. One of the primary stress hormones, cortisol, increases the production of sebum in the dermis, and this can lead to blocked pores and acne breakouts. It also curbs the body’s immune system and can lead to skin reactions and increased sensitivity. Stress can also cause inflammation through the gut-skin connection. Stress impacts the balance of bacteria in your gut, which leads to increased inflammation. Internal inflammation can manifest externally as skin conditions like acne, or eczema and psoriasis and rosacea. People with chronic inflammatory skin conditions such as those listed are more sensitive to flare ups when they are stressed. Taking time out to mindfully control our own stress levels could help to cure some of your skin issues.

Meal Prepping

Meal prepping makes you more conscious of the food that you consume, and the effects of it’s ingredients on the body. People who prepare their food intake mindfully are less likely to consume unhealthy meals and snacks, reducing the amount of excess sugar, salt, and calories in their diet. Food dense in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants will provide the skin with the food it needs to repair and renew from within, giving you a bright and glowing complexion. Include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, proteins and pulses. Make smoothies or eat whole fruits rather than just drinking juice, as the flesh of the fruit and vegetables have a higher nutritional value. Many fruit and vegetables also contain lots of water, and eating these helps prevent dehydration, keeping skin plump.

Investing Money

Ok so here is where your bank balance may feel a little pinch. Elevating your skincare regime will usually mean buying some extra products, or an occasional trip to the beauty salon. Always work within your own budget - there are some fantastic wallet-friendly skincare products out there.

But don’t just consider the cost of the product, consider how long it will last you. Personally, I never spend a lot of money on moisturiser. I go through it too quickly, and I find there are lots of decent “cheap” moisturisers on the market. I prefer to spend more money on high quality cleansers, serums, and face oils. They last way longer, and I can feel the difference in my skin.

Ideally, an elevated skin regime should contain most of these products daily...

  • oil and water-based cleansers

  • exfoliator

  • toner and/or mist

  • targeted serum

  • eye cream

  • moisturiser

  • face oil

  • SPF

  • Body care products also!! Don't neglect the skin on your body, even when you can't see it!!

Other elements can include light therapy, microneedling, chemical peels, non-invasive procedures, or injectable treatments.

What Will Your First Skinvestment of 2022 Be?

Despite sounding expensive, skinvestment does not have to cost the earth. Or indeed anything at all! You can get healthy, glowing skin from spending time and effort on your skincare regime, as well as making lifestyle changes that will benefit your skin. Extra products are just the icing on the cake.

Now let’s go conquer the world! Bring it on 2022.

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